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Roman Blind Specification & FAQ

Can a drive be swapped to opposite end?

Yes you can. This is done by loosening the screws that hold the drive in the Head Rail. Also loosen the screw that holds the drive bar in the drive. Take off the end cap from the opposite end and swap over. Re-tighten all screws once ready to hold all in place.

What is the smallest 20.09 that be made?

The smallest 20.09 track with a standard drive is 400mm and the smallest with a PullAway is 400mm. For a motorised track the smallest would be 650mm.

Can a direct drive be replaced for a Pull Away drive?

Loosen all screws on the drive and take out the drive. You then need to reduce the Head rail width by 3mm and the drive bar by 10mm. Please note that a continuous chain is now required for the Pull Away drive.

Which Bracket is best?

This is down to the fitters’ own preference.
However, I would recommend the swivel brackets for wider and heavier blinds.

How do I take the track out of brackets once fitted?

Swivel: You can use a flat head screwdriver to help move the lever arm that holds the head rail in place. Pull the tab towards you to loosen the bracket. Repeat for all brackets.

Spring: Locate position of bracket and once found, push the head rail backwards and twist the head rail down from the back of the bracket. This will release head rail from the bracket. Repeat for all brackets.

What option is the best for the cords on head rails?

This is down to the makers preference. Best to ask what option they have being using in the past. Recommend that they use what they are already using. Their options are as follows:
Option 1: Rear Cord Breakaways (sew on & hook on)

Option 2: Safety Cord Adjusters ( sew on & hook on)Separate sheet explaining both options

What are my options with drives and chains?

The options available are 1:1 Direct, 1:4 Direct, 1:1 Pull Away, 1:4 Pull Away. Separate sheet explaining all options with the chains required. Ref Child Safety regulations on Chains

If installation height is close to the floor, what are my options?

Recommend using a Pull Away drive with a continuous chain. This ensures that the blind operates correctly. If using a chain with breakaways, it might not be long enough to lift the blind fully.

20.09 Bespoke Headrail Specification


20.09 - 34mmx40mm

With Bracket - 41mmx39mm20.04 - 34mmx39mm
With Bracket - 41mmx39mm

What is the difference between the 20.09 & 20.04?

The main difference between the 2 head rails is that the 20.09 is an open cassette on the bottom of the head rail. This means that you can clearly see in to the spools and easier to amend cords if needs be. The 20.04 is a closed cassette so this means that it is more closed on the bottom. Both head rails can take the Pull Away drives

What is the regulations regarding chain drops?

The options of chain drops are available on a separate sheet to view Ref: Child Safety Regulations on Chains

Can you operate Battery Romans from your phone?

Yes you can. As we use Brel motors in our headrails, you can buy a Home Wizard Plug DC-S2. This is plugged in the wall and you can operate up to 100 individual motors from this.

What drive is recommended for what type of blind?

The type of drive used is determined by the weight of fabric that it can lift. A simple guide to the weight of fabric is as follows:
1sqm of fabric is roughly 1kg in weight. The weight limits are as follows:

20.09 1:1 Direct drive – 6kg, 1:4 Direct drive – 12kg20.04 1:1 Direct drive – 5kg, 1:4 Direct drive – 10kgPull Away drives for both 20.09 & 20.04 Headrails:1:1 Pull Away – 4kg, 1:4 Pull Away – 8kg

What is the difference between 1:1 and 1:4 Drives?

This difference is the speed that they lift at. The simplest way to explain is as follows:
1:1 Drive: For every metre of chain that moves through the drive, the blind will lift a metre
1:4 Drive: For every 4 metres of chain that moves through the drive, the blind lift a metre. Therefore the blind lifts at a slower pace and able to take the heavier weights

Is there a delivery charge on Roman orders?

There is free delivery on orders over £40.

Is there a cost for a different colour chain in the kits?

When supplied in the kits, there is no extra charge for a different colour chain. If purchasing chains separately, then the prices do vary

Is there a different option to the Fiber rods?

No, we only supply our rods as Fiber and in 4mm.

How does the 20.02 Headrail work?

This work great as a replacement for the old batten kit systems.
It is a small narrow headrail only 10mm from front to back. This helps keep down the light gap down both sides. The click strip and the wall clips help keep the headrail tight and close to the wall.

Can you operate Battery Romans from your phone?

Yes you can. As we use Brel motors in our headrails, you can buy a Home Wizard Plug DC-S2. This is plugged in the wall and you can operate up to 100 individual motors from this. Then download the app to your phone and set up from there.