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Tulip Blinds Motorisation

Tulip motorisation take operating blinds to a new level. We can motorise Roman Headrails, Curtain Tracks, Pleated.  

The motors we use we have sourced from The Netherlands and are top quality, very quiet and very good at moving blinds and curtains up and down. Tulip use a 12v system which can be powered by either batteries fitted within the headrail or by transformer wired to the motor. These motors have a very high capacity and will lift blinds up to 6kg which is higher than most motors on the market. If batteries are the chosen option then a battery charger would be required.

All the motors have integral receivers which pair with the handsets. We have a choice of 1, 5 and 15 channel handsets. 

Home automation (Smarthome) is an option if required.