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20.02 Assembly Instructions


Is the cord lock on correct side?

If you need to swap sides, you loosen the screw that holds the cord lock in place and slide over to the opposite side and retighten the screw. You will also need to take out the cord guides. 

How do I position the Cord Guides?

This is done by twisting the cord guide to loosen from the headrail. Move it to the new position required and twist back into place. The cord guide will now stay in place. 

What is the Child Safety on the 20.02 Blind?

In relation to the cords on the back of the fabric, these are treated in the same way as a normal Roman Blind. You can choose from the 2 options, Rear Cord Breakaways or Safety Cord Adjusters.

In relation to the Pull cord, all the cords come from the back of the blind to a Safety Cord Tassel. From this, there is then a single Pull Cord to operate your blind. There is a cleat provided to attach to the wall at 1500mm above floor level. 

How does the Safety Cord Tassel work?

This is where the cords from the back of the blind to the Safety Cord Tassel. These are corded through this and a single pull cord then operates the blind. The Safety Tassel comes apart within the 6kg Child Satey Regulations. This can then be clicked back together by the customer if it does come apart. 

What is the best fixing to use?
Click Profile: This is best used on internel PVC doors and windows. Cut the click strip the length of the 20.02 track less the end caps. Draw a line with a pencil where you wish to install the track, making sure you use a spirit level. Peel off the red cover and place the click strip on the PVC surface, pressing hard to secure. Then push the 20.02 track into the click strip, making sure you have located all along the full length.

The advantages of this is that there is then no screwing into the PVC. This also helps cut down on the light gap either side of the blind.

Wall Clips: These work in a similar way to the click strip, that it keeps the blind close to the wall and cuts down on the light gap either side of the blind. They can be used on timber doors and windows, walls, tiles. The 2 end wall clips should be placed inside both of the end caps to help stop it sliding when pulled. 

Fixing Brackets: These are a face-fix and top-fix bracket in one. These extend the front of the rail to 35mm from back of bracket.     

What is the Child Safety on the Pull Cord?

There is a cord cleat that is provided with each headrail that has to be attached to a wall 1500mm above floor level. 

Is there a limit to the width of the blind?

Yes there is. We would not recommend going over the width of 1800mm. 

Is there a weight limit to what can be carried?

Yes, I would only be using light to medium weight fabrics on these headrails. 

How does the cord pass through the cord lock? 

The cord comes up from the back of the blinds through the cord guides in the headrail. These then go through the cord lock. This is done by undoing the plastic arrow piece that is in front of the brass cog. Once this is moved to one side, then place the cords in the cord lock above the brass cog. They are not placed behind the brass cog. Once the cord is in, then push the plastic arrow piece back in position. These cords are then tied attached to the Child Safety Tassel. 

What length is the Pull Cord supplied?

The length of the pull cord is supplied at the same length of the blind. If this is too long, the customer can shorten themselves as is only a single cord and can be cut with a scissors.